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World's first athletic scholarship service. Personal, accurate, selective college scholarships for high school students. Our service has been available since 1971 to high school athletes looking for college sports scholarships We specialize in Golf Scholarships, Tennis Scholarships, Basketball Scholarships, baseball scholarship, Hockey Scholarships and many others.

Work with the First Athletic Scholarship Placement Service in America.
  • The pioneer in placing students with athletic scholarships.
  • Over 39 years of experience.
  • Thousands of student athletes placed.
  • First woman placed with athletic scholarship.

Free Evaluation

Since 1971, College Athletic Placement Service (CAPS) has been the pioneer in providing our clients with personal, selective and comprehensive scholarship assistance.

My name is Bill Serra, Director of the College Athletic Placement Service (CAPS).

Because we've been doing this longer than anyone else (since 1971), we believe we've developed the most accurate way of placing a student athlete in college with a lucrative scholarship and have, in the process, helped parents diminish the increasing costs of a college education.

We offer the most personal and thorough placement service available. And, in order to maintain the strongest personal relationship possible with our clients, we limit our client base each year to those we consider to be athletic scholarship prospects.

Sports Illustrated forWomen Scholarship Review"Who said there's no such thing as a free ride? It's called an athletic scholarship, and there are tons of them out there. Here's a head start on finding one that suits you:

College Athletic Placement Services >> CAPS, the nation's first placement service for athletes seeking scholarships, begins by conducting an interview with you. Then, using that feedback, the service submits your profile (stats, GPA, test scores, expected major, etc.) along with an evaluation of your skills to potential schools.; 800-870-8501.

-Sports Illustrated for Women

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