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Athletic scholarship service for high school students. Scholarship programs in tennis, golf scholarships, track and field and much more. Our service has been available since 1971.

What the CAPS Program offers:

College Athletic Placement Service has been featured in many national publications throughout the years including:

  • Sports Illustrated for Women
    Fall 1999
  • College Admissions for the High School Athlete
    Published 1993
  • The New York Times
    Published 1983
  • The Wall Street Journal
    April 21, 1980
  • Sports Illustated
    October 1973

The nation's first and oldest scholarship placement service, CAPS is the first service to place a student athlete with an athletic scholarship (Van Shaw, Rice University, Men's Track, 1971) and had the privilege of placing the first woman to receive an athletic scholarship in the history of collegiate athletics in the United States (Lynn Genesko, University of Miami, Women's Swimming, 1973).

  • An honest and objective evaluation of the student's academic and athletic abilities.
  • Providing you with the list of selective colleges.
  • Power of rejection. You may accept or reject any scholarship offered through the CAPS program.
  • Academic, athletic and eligibility counseling with over 30 years of experience.
  • Clearing admissions (no cumulative application fees). As a recruited student athlete applying is a formality (in most cases).
  • Visitation arrangements (in many cases, paid by the college) to your choice of colleges.
  • We negotiate institutional athletic and/or academic scholarship (not loans or financial aid), starting with tuition and pursuing room & board, books & fees.
  • CAPS works with every college in the nation, N.C.A.A. Divisions I & II, N.A.I.A and Junior Colleges across the country.
  • Student athlete updates sent directly to college coaches.

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A reputable service like New Jersey's CAPS counsels young athletes and evaluates their capabilities to help them make a satisfactory match..."

-College Admissions for the High School Athlete
College Athletic Scholarship Service for Students