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Athletic Scholarships questions and answers such as when to start to look for a scholarship, coaches helping find scholarships, and many other questions. If you do not see it, contact us and we will help you out.

College Questions and Answers

College Athletic Placement Service has been featured in many national publications throughout the years including:

  • Sports Illustrated for Women
    Fall 1999
  • College Admissions for the High School Athlete
    Published 1993
  • The New York Times
    Published 1983
  • The Wall Street Journal
    April 21, 1980
  • Sports Illustated
    October 1973

When should I start thinking of my college choices?
Your junior year is best.

If I am a Senior, is it too late to plan for college?

No! It's never too late to plan for your future.

My high school coach says he can get me a scholarship, can I depend on that?

Most high school coaches concentrate on blue-chip athletes. We suggest you ask how many scholarships were awarded last year, and who the recipients were.

Can't I contact the college coaches and arrange my own scholarships?

College coaches and athletic departments are flooded with letters from high school athletes. We work for each individual and find the right college for the student's athletic & academic needs. CAPS specializes in placing student-athletes in schools where they fit and remain until graduation!

Sports Illustrated If your kid shows size, speed, coordination, heart and all the other things that go into a superior athlete, you might consider calling Bill Serra about the time Junior is a junior in high school. Serra runs a business called College Athletic Placement Service which helps high school athletes get college scholarships.

-Sports Illustrated
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