A personal interview is conducted with you and your parents to obtain important information regarding your athletic abilities, academic interests and grades, geographic preferences, as well as your career goals.  Upon completion of the interview, we will then be able to determine your college options and if you can benefit from the CAPS program.

If we don't feel you are prospect for an athletic scholarship, we will tell you.  If a personal interview is not possible, email or (snail)mail a printed copy of the feedback form and a CAPS representative will call you and conduct an extensive telephone interview, or you may wish to fax your reply to us at: (858) 451-3357.

By accessing scholarship information on every college & university in the United States catalogued in our computer database, CAPS will then match you to specifically targeted schools (usually 20-30) for your approval, prior to CAPS contacting college coaches.

We will then submit your professionally designed, confidential profile to specific athletic departments and college coaches.  The CAPS profiles are highly respected because they are honest, straight forward and accurate in their evaluations of student athletes.

Let CAPS show you what we can do, contact us!

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